Sweet Relief was founded as a result of the need and desire to provide a private, early childhood education program in this community.

At the cornerstone of every element of our program is a loving, healthy, safe environment through which children are given the encouragement and emotional support to learn and grow. We strive to form a meaningful partnership with you and your child by understanding and guiding each child’s unique identity, talent, and personality. Our structured day encourages security and confidence. Sweet Relief facilitates and fosters each student’s cognitive, social, creative, emotional and physical development. Our students and their families benefit from a staff of professional and nurturing teachers. In our School House/Children’s House, enriching and inspiring programs provide multi-sensory experiences, hands-on learning and open-ended play with peers. Children are therefore prepared not only for an easy transition to elementary school, but also for life.

We give each individual child the skills they need to develop in all areas and at a rate that builds their self-esteem and growth. We strive to guide your child to be the best they can be, at their own level, in all domains, NOW. This is what prepares them to move ahead successfully. Sweet Relief students learn by doing and engaging!

We must always remember that each child develops in their own way, presenting areas of strength at different intervals along the developmental continuum.

Each child must be ready physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally for the successful introduction of activities. Our curriculum concentrates on enhancing readiness using our developmentally-appropriate lessons to facilitate the natural learning in child’s play and to build upon their curiosity.

Because of our commitment to the development of the “whole child” and the challenge of childhood to master age-appropriate skills, our lessons and experiences are specifically designed for the children to incorporate their physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth.