Our Programs

The Morning Nursery Program
Our Morning Nursery Program is usually a child’s first experience at school and is a critical and fundamental building block to a successful school experience. This creates the foundation for a lifetime love of learning. This program begins for children 20 months of age and older by September 1st and a two-day minimum is required. These classes are offered Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM -12 noon. Toilet-training assistance and/or diapering is provided. We provide a morning snack and the children bring their own allergy-free lunch. Lunch bunch is incorporated into their day.

Sweet Relief’s philosophy embraces the belief that these young children learn through play and learn best when they are nurtured, encouraged and successful! Exploration of their environment is an integral part of the emergent curriculum and daily schedule we provide. Expressive art mediums, educational manipulatives, music, books and toys are incorporated in conjunction with their active involvement in the classroom and playground. Children develop their cognitive, emotional, social, gross and fine motor skills, self-expression and most importantly self-esteem while they learn and play in their peer grouping.

The Afternoon Preschool Program
The age guidelines for this program are 2.9 and older by September 1st. A minimum of 3 afternoons is recommended. Many 3rd year students with late birthdays will split a 2-4 days here with attending a local pre-school in the mornings, and then coming here for the afternoons. Matriculating students may wish to use our afternoon Enrichment Classes (which are billed separately) as a supplement to other programs. Class times are noon to 3:30 PM. Toilet-training assistance and/or diapering is provided. The children bring their own allergy-free lunches and we will provide a late afternoon snack. Lunch bunch is incorporated into their day.

We strive to provide an environment, which is safe and comfortable yet challenging academically, socially and emotionally. We want to enable the children to express themselves and build healthy relationships and attitudes toward their classmates and teachers. Separation from parental identity and peer socialization are highly considered in planning our day’s routine and curriculum. Included in the day are open-ended play, music, stories, a myriad of art mediums and outdoor play. Different interest areas are created and changed to allow the children the opportunities they need to experience their classroom environment and all that it contains.

Enrichment Programs

Enrichment fees for each 45 to 50 minute class will be invoiced to you bi-monthly and are not part of your tuition.

Enrichment classes are offered as follows:

Monday PM – Preschool music program with Music Together.

Tuesday PM – Pre-school Yoga with Inspire Kids Yoga.

Wednesday AM – Nursery School music program with Music Together.

Wednesday PM – Pre-school literacy / Handwriting Without Tears.

Thursday AM – Nursery School music program with Music Together.

Our open enrollment policy allows students to complement their individual nursery programs with one or more afternoon classes at Sweet Relief. The goals of the Enrichment Classes are to develop self-esteem and self-confidence. The older children are eager to learn about themselves, their friends and their environment. We concentrate to ensure that the outcome of each chosen lesson will bring a feeling of success for the student. There are NO transitions. Your child stays in his classroom with his same classmates. No location changes. No disruptions-it just flows.

  • Pre-school Enrichment Music Together: Monday PM’s
    This class is with Ms. Karen Peterson. Miss Karyn has her masters degree in elementary education from Lesley University and has taught grades one through two for the Marshfield school system. Currently Karyn teaches at South Shore Conservatory as a music together teacher and a pre-K music teacher. She will be teaching all the music classes here at Sweet Relief. Each week the children will be learning about taking turns, routine, participating, and sharing, they will learn levels of beat, including micro, macro, elongated, diminutive and steady beat. Also, levels of movement including hard/soft, big/small, smooth/strong and quiet/loud. The children will always be singing. Components of the skill include breath, tonality, sliding their voice, and the scale. who is currently the Director of the Music Together Program at the South Shore Conservatory of Music. Jana has been with us for many years. Her teaching style and happy altitude never fails the students. Jana changes instruments every week, and introduces the children to many musical genres. The students scarf dancing is always one the their favorites.
  • Nursery Enrichment Music Together:  Wednesday AM’s, Thursday AM’s, also being taught by Ms. Karen Peterson.
  • Pre-school Enrichment Literacy / Handwriting Without Tears: Wednesdays PM’s
    Sweet Relief’s in-house Reading Specialist, who will be starting her fifth year with our school-Amy Linnell, the owner of ABC Learning – holds a Master’s Degree in Science for Special Education (Pre-K through 9th grade). Amy is certified in both the Orton-Gillingham Reading Program and Project Read. She is a Special Education Teacher and Reading Specialist. In addition, she has completed certification in “Handwriting Without Tears” at the Pre-K level. Fresh from her completion of the acclaimed “Handwriting Without Tears” program, Amy will be working with students each week to build a love of reading and writing and to master the basic principles of early-childhood literacy including early phonics.
  • Yoga Enrichment Inspire Kids Yoga: Tuesday PM’s
    Kim Spires, who established “Inspire Kids Yoga” (you can see her Facebook page) has been with us for several years. She was recently honored by being asked to make a presentation in Washington DC at a children’s Yoga conference. It is amazing how enthralled the children become! Many of the children are attracted to yoga because their parents may practice yoga, and it relates to dance and gymnastics as well. They learn that the Patriots, Red Sox and Bruins all practice yoga! Kim channels the children’s energy into different animal poses, using music along with special props. They dance to get their “sillies” out, read an appropriate life-lesson story and end their time with her in Savasana (quiet time), snuggling on their mats.