In a Nutshell


1. Three-Way Partnership Approach to Learning- Student/Teacher/Parent

  • Individualize student attention – 10:2 student teacher ratio.
  • Teaching staff: Highly skilled and experienced in multiple early childhood learning methodologies
  • Parent engagement through “bring home” techniques and behavior management

Weekly newsletter – Daily postings – Facebook page – In-house digital frame

2. We Teach How the Student Thinks
The teaching staff works with the approach that best matches the student’s needs versus a “one style fits all” concept. We focus on teaching the student to think on their own rather than telling them what to think.

Multiple Intelligences – Twins and Triplets – Sensory Integration

3. Limited & Exclusive Enrollment
SR offers a small, private environment and will only enroll 10 children per class with 2 teachers.

Enrollment beginning at 20 mos. of age.

“Sell Your Class” Program; where parents can sell classes to other enrolled students if their child is unable to attend their scheduled class. The parent that buys your child’s class will write you a check.

4. Hours and Months
More time in the classroom for invaluable educational/playtime. Classes run 3-½ hours, which is 30-60 minutes longer and our school year extends one full month longer than most local preschools.

30-60 minutes longer per class + additional 1 month = More Learning!

5. Enrichment Offerings
We incorporate additional options for students and parents who seek a broad exposure to the arts, academics, and physical health. All classes occur on site with no transitions involved.

Instruction from Music Together – Yoga – Handwriting Without Tears

6. Sign-language
Our Educators teach children (and parents) a supportive communication style that bridges behavioral and communication challenges.

7. Licensed, Insured and De-Leaded
Rest assured, of course we are!

8. Location
We are located in Cohasset; right outside the Village with easy access to/from Rt. 3-A. We operate in a quiet location with a private play area exclusively available to the children.

9. Community Involvement
In an effort to help the students learn more about their world and to also engage the parents, we have 2 different community projects every year: Candy to the Troops on Veteran’s Day, and Christmas in the City before Christmas.

10. A Therapy Dog!
And, lastly, we have a licensed, insured therapy dog on site. He is integrated into the classroom for the children to bond with and to have a comforting non-judgmental friend to talk to and read to- no hamsters or guinea pigs for us!